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«A new era is coming, women won't have to elbow thir way up anymore»: Karim Rashid

The legendary industrial designer Karim Rashid told Olga Shelest about his love to the pink color and culinary arts and also made a reassuring prediction about who will rule the world.


It is not your first time in Moscow, how do you feel yourself here?

It is an unusual and a distinctive city. And if you add the Russian mentality to it – you get a complete chaos. But I like this energy, it excites me.

This time you came to us to present a joint project with the Russian factory “Maria”. Tell us more about it.

I like to cooperate with people who are not afraid of experiments, who take risks and choose a dynamic path of development. This project is not about me or the factory “Maria” who invited a known designer. This project is about other interpretations of the living space that we can implement. These are convenient modern kitchens where we can spend a lot of time and where we are able to feel ourselves comfortable.

In my opinion, in the modern world kitchens are being pushed out of the living space. Cafes, restaurants, food delivery – all of this is more convenient. You are from New-York – a city that has the smallest kitchens in the world.

Both yes and no. It is a phenomenon of the modern life – a kitchen nowadays is either conditional or super functional, because an enormous number of people still love to cook. And now more men that enjoy cooking for their friends and family use it.

Who cooks better in your family? You or your wife Ivana?

Me! Much better!

If a woman stops cooking, what future awaits her globally?

I believe in women, they are strong and fair. I am confident that when there will be more women with power, they will be able to defeat corruption, poverty and wars. Nowadays the ruling women have male characters, they made it to the top of the patriarchal world. But that will change, women won’t have to fight for their rights.

You supported the “Women’s March” that took place in many states this winter. Do women in your country still have limited rights?

Compared to the Middle East, where women cannot drive, American women have a lot of rights. But they still suffer from sexism. They want to protect their families from injustices that take place around them. It is very valuable that they have an opportunity to come out and declare it. And moreover, they achieve changes in the law instead of being thrown rocks at.

«A new era is coming, when women won't have to elbow thir way up seeking promotion in their careers anymore. They will just be making this world a better place».

It is great that you support this.

Women are the future, it is dumb to deny it. I think in a few years women will be presidents in both USA and Russia. And no, they will not throw bombs at each other. Women are more humane than men.

How do you spend weekends if you have them?

I love the Museum of Modern Art in New-York. Almost every weekend if I am not on the other end of the world, we go there with my daughter. Or walk on the High-Line. It is a genius idea to turn an old overhead railway road into a modern walking park in the downtown.

Do you follow the life of your projects? Buildings, interiors.

Of course. I want to know how people use what I created. If I create an interior, I give a lifetime warranty to it – I stay in touch with my clients, sometimes they want to change something or add new objects. But there are some projects where the clients start making changes themselves. That means that the project is not mine anymore.

As a mother of two, I want to thank you for the iiamo heating bottle for milk. How did you come up with it?

It was almost ten years ago. I just found out how important it was for mothers to have an ability to heat up a bottle of milk for their babies on the road. And I made the bottle asymmetrical, because that kind of shape is more convenient for a small baby hand.

I also noted that pink is your favorite color, according to your works.

Yes, it is an energetic and emotional color. I know that for many people, colors have gender differences. But I personally don’t understand why razors for women have to be bright pink and razors for men – black or blue with a brutal shape. Try finding pink men’s socks. We are dividing this world in female and male ones, but actually we have a lot in common.

For example, manicure! You chose a great color!

Yes, exactly. You understand that we live in the era of gender revolution – the borders are being erased. And that is amazing.

Source: https://www.glamour.ru/celebrity/glamourama/gryadet-era-kogda-zhenshinam-ne-nuzhno-budet-idti-po-golovam-karim-rashid