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This is “Karma”. The first project by Karim Rashid for the Russian company “Maria”

The most successful kitchen factory in Russia presented new models, created by the star of the world design.

ELLE Decoration

Karma kitchen collection — the first joint project of the furniture factory “Maria” and the legendary industrial designer Karim Rashid. The name was born after joining the names of its “parents”: Karim + “Maria”. The “child” received an unordinary look from the designer and a genius implementation from the №1 kitchen furniture factory in Russia. Three new models — Karma, Volna and Klutch will turn the idea of modern kitchens.

Love to art and modern technologies — is the essence of the Karma model (That has the same name as the collection). Wave shaped inserts made of colored glass on matte fronts represent the brand style of the author. Five color options are available — Black fronts with a pink, white or black glass and white fronts with blue or yellow. The exhibition sample is equipped with Gorenje appliances that were also created by Karim Rashid — its patterns are similar to the décor of the kitchens.

Fronts of the kitchen Karma are decorated with colored glass inserts. Patterns are created in the style of Karim Rashid.

The artistic model Volna is a union of nature’s energy and advanced technologies. A white kitchen island with an unusual shape is decorated with a conceptual ledge – a tall mirror wave. Voluminous wall sections are “floating” in the air. The unique character of the model is underlined with valuable materials: artificial stone DuPont Corian in a matte finish and gloss steel. The reflected light changes the look of the space. The drawer systems are equipped with Avantech mechanisms by Hettich – the key player of the international market.

Fronts and countertop of the Volna kitchen island are made of white Corian. The wavy ledge is covered with stainless steel, polished to a mirror shine. The tall side part of the “wave” hides a built-in refrigerator.

Futuristic shapes of the kitchen Klutch are inspired a woman’s purse. In the same way that a modern woman can fit everything she needs into it, the kitchen Klutch has everything that you need for a happy life. The hanging sections contain built-in Asko appliances – an oven, a microwave, a coffee-machine, a dish warmer and even a vacuator as well as a built-in refrigerator and a Liebherr wine cabinet. The fronts are finished with a spectacular black gloss. The top shelves open automatically with a touch of the sensor panel, the bottom ones are equipped with Hettich drawer systems. The island’s drawer systems are equipped with innovative parallel opening mechanisms.

The Klutch kitchen island with its countertop, extended to the sides, looks like a winged time machine.

The closed presentation of the new project took place on April 20 in Moscow in the art-space “Trekhgornaya Manufaktura”. More than 500 leading designers and architects of Russia were invited to the event, as well as media and opinion leaders of the design and fashion community.

Karim Rashid came to Moscow for the event and presented the new models together with the CEO of the company “Maria”, Yefim Katz. The famous design expert, Olga Kosyreva was the host of the event.

Ksenia Sobchak was one of the first ones who saw the concepts Karma, Klutch and Volna. At the presentation, the TV-host talked to Karim Rashid and Yefim Katz. The project truly impressed her. “It is a true work of art” – she said. In her Instagram post Ksenia wrote: “It turns out that “Maria” produces 120 kitchens a day! More than 500 studios all over Russia! The genius designer developed these projects especially for “Maria” kitchens. Very bold, stylish and attractive”

The presentation of the KarMa kitchens was accompanied by an amazing light show, a DJ set by Nikola Melnikov and a buffet.

Soon, the design concepts will be adapted for the end customers and in the fall they will be available for order in all of "Maria" kitchen studios.