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Karma kitchen furniture collection

Karma kitchen furniture collection was presented in Moscow – a joint project of the designer Karim Rashid and the Russian factory “Maria”.

Elle Decoration

An American designer with Egyptian-British origin, Karim Rashid considers himself to be a citizen of the world. Maestro studied industrial design in Canada and Italy. He started his career as an intern in Milan. Karim Rashid’s studio is located in New York, his works are marked with lots of prestigious international awards.

One year ago, “Maria” kitchen furniture factory excited everyone by announcing cooperation with the star of the world design, Karim Rashid. Now, in April 2017 the project was presented to the public. Karma kitchen collection is the first result of the star cooperation. The name was born after connecting the names of its “parents”: Karim + “Maria”. The “child” inherited its unordinary look from Karim Rashid and the genius execution from the #1 kitchen furniture producer in Russia.

ELLE DECORATION: Was an offer of cooperation from a Russian company a surprise for you?

Karim Rashid: When the representatives of “Maria” contacted me I was quiet surprised. I have been coming to Russia for about fourteen years, this is maybe my 25th time here. I worked on different projects but I have never worked with “Maria”. It turned out to be a large and powerful company. Its name is known to every Russian not only here but even in New York. That is why I was honored to participate in the project.

– What was the purpose and the main difficulty of the project?

– I wanted to create something original and unordinary, and I did it. Development of a kitchen model has many technical boundaries. For example, there are a lot of restrictions on placement of appliances. Development of forms and proportions and their cooperation – are the main difficulties.

– What did you start with?

– When I approached the project, I was very inspired. I offered 15 options, based on current “Maria” models. In discussion, we cut off the unnecessary, added the necessary, and ended up with three options.

– What were your relationships with “Maria” like?

– Working with the team of "Maria" was easy and painless. We found a common language even in solving complex technical issues. For the first time we met at the exhibition Eurocucina in Milan, but the project actually started only in August 2016. And after just eight months, we are presenting three excellent models. Believe me, it is very fast. I admit, I feel a pleasant fatigue

– How did the work go?

– Our attention was focused on two tasks. The first one was to take the existing line as the basis, charge it with new energy, give it a modern look. It was important to preserve the affordable price and availability of the product. That was how the model Karma appeared. The second was to do something more fantastic, close to the field of art. These were the futuristic Klutch and Volna

– What became the most interesting part of the project?

– I am happy to do what I have great passion and interest for. When I start working on a new project, I do it not so much for work as for pleasure. The greatest joy for me is to create objects that change the world. I believe that authentic design influences people’s lives, inspiring them and awakening the best qualities in them.

– Do you have plans to continue cooperation with the factory "Maria"?

– We have an idea to create a series of designer kitchens for small spaces, the size range of which will allow us to create a masterpiece of modern design in an interior of a small kitchen.